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Case Studies

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1on1 Training with Destiny

Destiny, a Foster Youth Member, was referred to us with no resources to succeed in her dreams. Destiny was truly in a time of crisis where she had no else to turn to. 

Not knowing anything about us, Destiny trusted us with her difficult situation and knew that we are people who CARE. Our job was to make sure Destiny had the proper knowledge and resources to get a job she was passionate about while achieving her dreams of becoming an influencer.

We took her in to our Foster Youth Training program and after only 2 weeks, Destiny was beginning to see a difference. Growing up with little to nothing, we were able to set Destiny up with a brand new laptop along with the proper camera equipment that will set her up for success in her journey of being an influencer. 


By the end of her training, Destiny was able to complete job applications on her laptop instead of her phone & secured a job within a week! Destiny was also able to start creating content for her youtube with the new camera she got. Throughout this process, Project Niche also helped Destiny obtain medical documents such as insurance  so that she can stay up on her wellness and health!


The team here at Project Niche is so happy was able to make Destiny’s hopeful dreams come true! 


Group Training - 2021

Here at Project Niche, we hold social platforms on the regular to help fostered youth learn different aspects of life as well as a social outlet where they can speak with professionals and other young people. who can relate to them.


This gives youth knowledge, sense of confidence, sense of self dependency, The overall goal is to teach them how to behave in certain environments while socially engaging with other people. This is what healthy and positive influence environments look like!

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